…. and so it beginns.




I have been playing around with naalbinding for years now. I got the hang of the knots and how to  put things together, but I was missing the evenness of my knitting gauge. It all looked a bit slapped together, if you know what I mean.

Well. Last night I gave it another shot. I followed the advice I usually give new knitters and used yarn I love, rather than “just something to practice”. Wool and alpaca. SO SOFT.

Don’t you know: Using yarn I love did the trick. I paid attention a bit more to where the treads were going, how they made their way through the knows and how it felt, to run the yarn over my thumb. I looked how the two yarns made up the finished knots together and how the colours played along the growing fabric.

All over sudden, there was a fingerless mitten. I DID IT!

On the other hand… now I seem to have another hobby.  :D

Gingerbread house

photo 1

Not the best pictures, but there you have it. Mrs. Hudson’s gingerbread house 2013. We had fun decorating it, as you can see. My daughter baked the gingerbread, I was the “architect” and Callie, my daughter and I decorated it together at the shop, like last year. This will be judged in a competition (last year we made 3rd place) and then auctioned off for charity. It’s fun and we will definitely do it again next year!

photo 2

photo 3

cups of yarn

I have been knitting. I promise! I just can’t show it yet. These “secret” knitting projects are tons of fun, but they have me on pins and needles until I am allowed to show it. So I will be sitting here, being antsy for a while longer. In the meantime, let me show you what we have done in the shop! We are working like little Christmas elves.

To help you with your gift giving chores! We came up with these cute little “cups of yarn”. Aren’t they cute? We will have more ideas coming along as time goes by. I am sure to show it to you. (We do ship!! Keep that in mind, if you see something you love.)

We are also doing the Handmade Holiday knit along’s at the moment. If you want to give handmade this holiday season, you should start NOW!

So tag along on FB, or in our ravelry group!

This Saturday, we are planning a Tea Party at the shop! If you are in Fairhaven, come on by! We are brewing up a variety of tea samples and we will have home made cookies! YUM! Yes, I will take pictures and post a little “round up” this weekend. ;) I promise!

Scarf weather


As you may, or may not know, I am European by birth and was raised there and lived there until I was 24 years old. I have let go of some of our traditions, and hung on to others. One tradition I never really let go of, but had hibernating for a while is scarves. We wear them lots. Short, light ones during summer, more heavy and warm ones in winter.

Some people leave them off their wardrobes in Summer, but come September first, it is a must for any outfit to be topped with a sassy scarf. Having lived in the south of the United States for the last 10 years, I haven’t really followed this rule a lot. Obviously because of the heat. I prefer life -however unfashionable- to a heat stroke. That does not mean I don’t have any! I have loads! It is in my blood to buy them and make them. I cannot say no, to a nice neck piece, when I see it.

Up here in the PNW the weather is so much like home, that I am delighted to pull out my collection.

I have a few handmade ones and some I got as gifts. I have a few vintage ones, which are the ones I am super in love with. As you can see in the picture, I have a bunch of different styles and colours. The picture does not include my sarongs and sari’s, which I occasionally use as shawls, nor does it include the shawls I recently finished, that are gracing the shop as samples right now.  So THERE ARE MORE, believe it, or not……

I did give a two of these to my daughter, this morning and I did put one in the free-pile in front of my house (it’s gone already).

One thing is for certain: If I see another scarf/shawl somewhere in need of a good home, I am willing to provide one! LOL

How about all of you? Do you have scarves you love to wear? Do you have something that is a staple in your wardrobe? Let me know! Show me pictures on your blogs! I will link to them in my next post! :)