I won’t lie to you….

It is cold outside.


Despite the freezing temperatures and the wind around here, I went outside, to show you decent pictures of the (*&^*%&$&^*^ skirt I finished today.

DSC00347Let me explain: I have always wanted to make my own clothes, despite the fact, that I lack the sewing gene. Every now and then, I drag out an innocent bit of fabric and mutilate it beyond recognition.

I blame my friend Callie for this travesty entirely. She gave me, ME ! , this beautiful fabric a few days ago. I just had to sew something with it. Right.Away. You can understand this, can’t you? There is resources in the house! One simply cannot let them go to waste! So, out came the patterns and the sewing machine and my daughter offered to help. NOTHING can go wrong now.


Well. I don’t think I did tooooo badly on this one. This is not one of my specialty, elastic-band-held-up-cinched-at-the-waist-5-minute-easy-peasy two seam skirts. This was done PROPERLY. With a yoke and a zipper and a hook and eye closure.

What I learned the last two days:

  • When a pattern tells you to sew one thing first, then the other, it typically means it.
  • I suck sewing ROUND edges.
  • Stay-stitching is NOT for suckers.

Don’t look too close at the yoke, it’s my first one. Don’t look too close at the bottom hem. I lost all patience when I got there finally and “winged” it. Thankfully, I have a good eye and that means the hem is mostly the same width all the way around. I can live with it. The zipper buckles a bit, but hey, It’s my first one in a skirt. Given that we did all this without even owning am ironing board, I am rather proud of us. You try to iron something cylindrical on a flat surface!

In the end, my daughter and I got it done and now I have a great new skirt. Now I need more coffee and maybe a piece of cheesecake. *looks at in house baker, aka daughter*. What was the first “proper” thing you ever sewed?

Oh and I also finished a hat. :)

lace closeup



Cold feet, warm heart.



It’s still cold here. Warm socks are all the rage and handknitted socks are loved by my entire family. The next pair was for my husband. He wanted the same design as I made for our son. Our daughter got the green ones, with the white colourwork border around the top, if you can remember. I made a pair of “Valentine socks” for the shop with a pattern to be released on the 14th and now I am knitting on two more pair for myself this time. One in a beautiful, foggy, variegated grey/purple and one will be a bold RED variegated. I can’t wait to see them done. One short one and one long one. NO pictures yet, of the socks for me until they are done, though.


New patterns and a few old ones

sockI have spent today listing new patterns to ravelry and even a few old ones, that hadn’t been up in years.  (Blue Jeans Lace leaf shawl)The green socks up there are brand new. I also have finally managed to go over all the numbers in the country cardigan, so that one is out now too!

coastal colours

Links are in the pictures and here is a link to the shop page over all.  Go have a look!