I won’t lie to you….

It is cold outside.


Despite the freezing temperatures and the wind around here, I went outside, to show you decent pictures of the (*&^*%&$&^*^ skirt I finished today.

DSC00347Let me explain: I have always wanted to make my own clothes, despite the fact, that I lack the sewing gene. Every now and then, I drag out an innocent bit of fabric and mutilate it beyond recognition.

I blame my friend Callie for this travesty entirely. She gave me, ME ! , this beautiful fabric a few days ago. I just had to sew something with it. Right.Away. You can understand this, can’t you? There is resources in the house! One simply cannot let them go to waste! So, out came the patterns and the sewing machine and my daughter offered to help. NOTHING can go wrong now.


Well. I don’t think I did tooooo badly on this one. This is not one of my specialty, elastic-band-held-up-cinched-at-the-waist-5-minute-easy-peasy two seam skirts. This was done PROPERLY. With a yoke and a zipper and a hook and eye closure.

What I learned the last two days:

  • When a pattern tells you to sew one thing first, then the other, it typically means it.
  • I suck sewing ROUND edges.
  • Stay-stitching is NOT for suckers.

Don’t look too close at the yoke, it’s my first one. Don’t look too close at the bottom hem. I lost all patience when I got there finally and “winged” it. Thankfully, I have a good eye and that means the hem is mostly the same width all the way around. I can live with it. The zipper buckles a bit, but hey, It’s my first one in a skirt. Given that we did all this without even owning am ironing board, I am rather proud of us. You try to iron something cylindrical on a flat surface!

In the end, my daughter and I got it done and now I have a great new skirt. Now I need more coffee and maybe a piece of cheesecake. *looks at in house baker, aka daughter*. What was the first “proper” thing you ever sewed?

Oh and I also finished a hat. :)

lace closeup




shawl_full_medium2Here is the newest Pattern I wrote for Mrs. Hudson’s Yarns and Teas.

I love the way it came out. The Malabrigo Rios is just the perfect yarn for this. It has drape and is warm. The shawl itself can be made out of any weight yarn you want to though!

The fun part about this pattern: It has the option of being made into a triangular shawl with a bit of an asymmetrical touch, if you do not like the shape it has right now. (I adore it this way though.. I have to say). So it really is a two in one pattern!

Pattern is available here:


shawl awesome

We were sewing again.




This time we made my Christmas present together. I had such fun!

A new project bag for my  knitting/sewing/embroidery on the go. This way my projects can travel in style. All fabrics have been reclaimed from old T-shirts, curtains and even a wedding gown, that my husband found in a free pile (guess the marriage was not all that….)

What do you guys think? I LOVE the way it came out!


Doing a snoopy dance!

photo 2

photo 1

I finished my cardigan yesterday evening. It still needs the button (which I left at work, sadly) but other than that it is done. Blocked and ends sewn in and everything. I really, *really* love it.


  • Yarn: Cascade Eco wool
  • Pattern: Mine (to be released shortly)

I already have an idea for the next project… but I’m not telling! ;)photo 3

First few fall knits


Change is in the air! Summer is leaving and my favourite season is not far now! I love fall! The light has already changed over here and it has this gorgeous golden hue! The Leaves will follow shortly, I am sure of it. The heat is not quite as oppressive any more and one can actually sit outside in the sun, without getting dizzy and enjoy the last few rays before the winter.

I have started Fall knitting! I have finished one baby jacket (pattern is being tested right now and will come out soon) and now I am knitting on a jacket for myself (pattern for that should not be far behind the baby bug). I am making it out of grey eco wool! It already feels amazing!

We also started some knitalongs / crochet alongs for a handmade holiday! Yes, you should start now, if you want those gifts done in time. This is really keeping me on track this year! I am so glad!

I am three down and a few more to go. I also have my first fall scarf done and finished. I don’t think I want to block it. I rather enjoy the texture it has along with the electric blue colour. It’s made from 100% Mulberry silk! It’s brilliant! It’s soft! Another one is in the works (this one will be a sample for Darn Good Yarn, but I will make myself one of those little guys as well! Photos of that one when it is done)

Hope you all have a great end of summer/back to school time!

Talk soon! <3

More pictures of the things I knitted and of the baby jacket are in my flickr account! :) (<— link right there)