Custom orders!

I am officially opening up my custom order list today. If you want me to knit/crochet/spin something for you, just DM me on FB. (You can also email me: bridgett [at] mrshudsons [dot] com )

My terms: All fees must be paid up front. Material costs are non refundable. The fee for knitting/crocheting/spinning is refundable up until I start working on your order. Once I started work, there is no refund at all.
Free shipping within the continental US.
Knitting/crochet/spinning fees will vary, depending on the project.

There you go.
Contact me  <3

February Mystery Solved!


If you follow me on Ravelry and on FB, you already know that we did a February Mystery Knit along.

Well, the first participant is officially done and I got mine done just today, so I can show pictures.

The pattern will be available to the general public at the end of February.