No internet = lots of time

right side up ii right side up

I don’t have internet at home at the moment. This means I get less distracted by shiny things being posted by friends on the weekends.

This, in turn, means I have way more time on my hands and that means I get more sewing and knitting done.

I have finished my husband’s shirt this weekend (no photos just yet) and finished and ripped back the same sock three times as well. I also made a skirt for myself (machine sewing) and started a new dress (hand sewing).

I only have a few pictures of the skirt at the moment.

Specs: 2 yards of fabric (@ $1.50/yard) and a pair of old shorts I never wear (can’t remember how much they were. I had them for at least 6 years)

What do you think? A bit 80’s inspired. a bit swishy and shoowshy and fun and light and airy for summer. I love it.


Slow stitchin’

photo 3photo 1  photo 2

I have always wanted to make my own wardrobe. I have all these ideas in my mind, what I want to wear and how I want it to feel.

Sadly, I am not really very versed on the sewing machine. Handstitching on the other hand… now there I got you covered. I can stitch up a storm, with needle and thread. So imagine my surprise, when I ran into Alabama stitch studio a few years back. Clothing? Stitched entirely by hand? Pray, do tell!


I ended up buying one of her books and was hooked to say the least.

I have made a few things out of the book already (the headband and… oh. I think that was it. NO! The dishtowels!!! Alas instead of stencils from the book, I used cookie cutters.)

I love it. The slowness, the in detail getting acquainted with your new garment to be. The feeling of “control” I have while stitching. (Not like on a sewing machine, where everything seems to run away from me.)

Today I found we had two identically blue T-shirts in our refashion pile. OH! A skirt! So out with the cutting mats and the rulers. I cut the T-shirts in four parts for my skirt and used the stencil that comes with the book.I am not doing an all over stencil, like the skirt in the book and mine will be a bit differently shaped as well. I only have reverse applique around the bottom of the skirt, since the third T-shirt I picked for the applique was only a tank top.

I have the first bit embroidered and now on to the next. Three more panels and I can start on putting the skirt together. I think it will look adorable and be just fine for this summer.

What are you stitching right now?

We were sewing again.




This time we made my Christmas present together. I had such fun!

A new project bag for my  knitting/sewing/embroidery on the go. This way my projects can travel in style. All fabrics have been reclaimed from old T-shirts, curtains and even a wedding gown, that my husband found in a free pile (guess the marriage was not all that….)

What do you guys think? I LOVE the way it came out!


One more time!

Since the other skirt worked out so nicely, I thought I could do the same to a pair of short-ish jeans I had. They were not really shorts, and they were not really long.. they stopped right at the ankle. I call them high-water-pants. *snicker*

Needless to say I never wore them..

I opened the seam, pinned, tried it on and sewed this morning. Now I have a new skirt! YAYYY! Lookie here:


I made the seams purposely lighter in colour then the original seams, since they are right middle back and front. I did want to keep that “DIY” feel though and left the little “point” up front in the middle… The back has a slit and the the bottom hem will fringe out nicely after washing it a few times, I only zigzagged the edge there. I think it works.. specially with my hand knitted top! :) I’m liking it and so does DH. (Specially the rear view! hahahhaaha



I have one more pair of pants I want to do this too and then it is on to tops! :) Wish me luck!

I like how you can have a totally new wardrobe with just a few seams! :)

Some more refashion This time for me!

I went through my closet and sorted out some of my close. The only ones I could part with did have holes in them or stains that did not come out, so I don’t think donating is the right thing for them. I don’t want to make cleaning rags either, since they are nice clothes.. so Refashion was it!
First up were some unsightly Gaucho pants! WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THAT? They look horrible on most people!!! I got them from someone a long time ago and kept them around, because I thought I could maybe sleep in them, but I didn’t… I guess my aversion for them goes DEEEEEEEEEP.

Today was the day to figure out how to make them wearable! I was determined to make them into a skirt! Skirts are cute!

I took the leg seams out, then laid them out flat to make an A-line. Now I had to add some fabric to cover the triangle that was created by me adjusting the legs into the A-line. I had this really cool Old Navy T-shirt. I loved it! It had this goddess figure on it! I also have had it so long, there were worn spots on the bottom seam. So I took it apart and Alabama Stitch style sewed it into the triangular shaped “hole” in my “skirt”.
Presto! LOVE at first sight! It still needs to be ironed! But my iron fell and it broke the tip clear off (halfway down) so I can’t use it right now. So please imagine it ironed! : D I will love you for it!

What do you think?

The back has the triangle too, and I am fully aware that it will be an arrow pointing at my rear, so I plan on wearing it sideways (So the triangles are on my sieds, instead of in the front and back… )

I have one more of these and lots more T-shirts that I sorted out, so I can have one more cute skirt.