I won’t lie to you….

It is cold outside.


Despite the freezing temperatures and the wind around here, I went outside, to show you decent pictures of the (*&^*%&$&^*^ skirt I finished today.

DSC00347Let me explain: I have always wanted to make my own clothes, despite the fact, that I lack the sewing gene. Every now and then, I drag out an innocent bit of fabric and mutilate it beyond recognition.

I blame my friend Callie for this travesty entirely. She gave me, ME ! , this beautiful fabric a few days ago. I just had to sew something with it. Right.Away. You can understand this, can’t you? There is resources in the house! One simply cannot let them go to waste! So, out came the patterns and the sewing machine and my daughter offered to help. NOTHING can go wrong now.


Well. I don’t think I did tooooo badly on this one. This is not one of my specialty, elastic-band-held-up-cinched-at-the-waist-5-minute-easy-peasy two seam skirts. This was done PROPERLY. With a yoke and a zipper and a hook and eye closure.

What I learned the last two days:

  • When a pattern tells you to sew one thing first, then the other, it typically means it.
  • I suck sewing ROUND edges.
  • Stay-stitching is NOT for suckers.

Don’t look too close at the yoke, it’s my first one. Don’t look too close at the bottom hem. I lost all patience when I got there finally and “winged” it. Thankfully, I have a good eye and that means the hem is mostly the same width all the way around. I can live with it. The zipper buckles a bit, but hey, It’s my first one in a skirt. Given that we did all this without even owning am ironing board, I am rather proud of us. You try to iron something cylindrical on a flat surface!

In the end, my daughter and I got it done and now I have a great new skirt. Now I need more coffee and maybe a piece of cheesecake. *looks at in house baker, aka daughter*. What was the first “proper” thing you ever sewed?

Oh and I also finished a hat. :)

lace closeup



We were sewing again.




This time we made my Christmas present together. I had such fun!

A new project bag for my  knitting/sewing/embroidery on the go. This way my projects can travel in style. All fabrics have been reclaimed from old T-shirts, curtains and even a wedding gown, that my husband found in a free pile (guess the marriage was not all that….)

What do you guys think? I LOVE the way it came out!


Review: sewing school 2

sewing school 2
sewing school 2 by Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a cute little book! I got it a few days ago to review and read right through it. I think it is definitely a great book for younger kids to learn how to sew on the sewing machine. I have to say: I learned it at home, but I am still not very skilled. I prefer hand sewing. (I think I might work my way through that book myself, to be honest…) My daughter (16 at this point) sews much more confidently on the machine! I am so glad for that!
She had a look at the book as well and found a few things she would be interested to make. That is not a small task with a teenager! SO I have to give kudos to the writers, to even engage that age group with some of their projects!

I like the way the book simply explains all the details of a machine, how to use all the different settings and then just goes on to actually USE the new learned skills in projects. No frill, so scare tactics, just read and then go! Of course there are a few rules to follow for safety, but use common sense and be careful, but it is not trying to make sewing on a machine sound like some magic, that only few sorcerers are capable of and if you don’t belong to the select few, better leave be… (Like some of the adult books do…)

Sewing school 2 comes with a built in ruler, which I think was a stroke of genius! Since the book will be there when you work through the projects. I love the ideas it gives for storing your tools as well and that some of the projects are actually FOR sewing, like the little pincushion and caddy. It explains how to read patterns and how to use them, how to thread a machine correctly, and explains some sewing terms.
I love that it gives a basic course in fabric!

The projects are well thought out and easy enough without being too “baby” (as some of my young friends commented, that looked at the book).
I think I might even have a go at the guitar cushion myself lol.

The patterns are nicely stored in the back of the book in a paper pouch, so nothing can get lost (given you stick them back in there when you are done).
All in all I would highly recommend this book to any young person that would like to learn how to sew and their parents. I think this could be a fun parent/kid project!
We have long extension cords, so we can set the machine up in the back yard and enjoy the outdoors while we sew in summer. You may want to try this!



Time flies by when you are having fun! The shop is going to be one year old on March 31st! We are going through prep for the “birthday party”. At the same time, we are working feverishly on the shawls/patterns/photos for the LYS tour (Local Yarn Shop Tour) that will be happening in May (but the patterns have to be done by the 23rd of this month! Then I have a custom order to finish (knitting a dresser scarf and night table covers!) and a custom spinning order to finish, not to mention teaching classes in between!

Oh boy! I do know what I am tired of at night!

Pictures? Sure! Hang on.. The shawls can’t be shown until the yarn tour, but the rest I can put here for you all to see :)

A new shrug! Pretty and happy in orange!





A new hat! WOOT WOOT! I really love this hat!


I don’t think I have shown you the cable wrap yet! That got done as well and is getting tested now!





I made owls (the pattern is already available! )



I re-fahsioned a turtleneck into a tank-top:





I sewed 5 pillowcases (well I cut an pinned, my daughter sewed) and then crochet around the edge:



I made a headband inspired by the one in French girl knits:



I wrapped cardboard letters in yarn together with my daughter (these were for the shop window in February, I knitted little banners for this month and Callie embroidered “happy birthday” on it, I will show you that one soon):


The dresser scarf won’t be shown until it is done as well and the spinning will be shown in a future post. It’s for a giveaway for the shops birthday and a custom order of sock yarn! (you didn’t think I had forgotten about you, did you, Alice?)

PHEW! All caught up! :) What do you think?

Nest up: another book review! So stay tuned!

One more time!

Since the other skirt worked out so nicely, I thought I could do the same to a pair of short-ish jeans I had. They were not really shorts, and they were not really long.. they stopped right at the ankle. I call them high-water-pants. *snicker*

Needless to say I never wore them..

I opened the seam, pinned, tried it on and sewed this morning. Now I have a new skirt! YAYYY! Lookie here:


I made the seams purposely lighter in colour then the original seams, since they are right middle back and front. I did want to keep that “DIY” feel though and left the little “point” up front in the middle… The back has a slit and the the bottom hem will fringe out nicely after washing it a few times, I only zigzagged the edge there. I think it works.. specially with my hand knitted top! :) I’m liking it and so does DH. (Specially the rear view! hahahhaaha



I have one more pair of pants I want to do this too and then it is on to tops! :) Wish me luck!

I like how you can have a totally new wardrobe with just a few seams! :)