Originally published by spinndiva on “ramblings of an uncluttered mind” on February, 05, 2008

I wanted to put this “what-I-did”* up for December 1st, World Aids day, but somehow got so sidetracked and then the camera died, so I waited. I remembered a Picture, that I took a while ago, when I first started on this project! I found it again in the vast, dark recesses of my computer and decided to go ahead and put it up. Better/modeled pictures later!

so here is: A Red Scarf:

Yarn: Cascade indulgence, 2 skeins = 246.0 yards (224.9 m), in red (sorry, the tag got lost. I don’t know if it had a “name” and I did not get the dye lot # either…)

Needles: Addi turbo lace US6

Gauge is not really important for this project.

Notions: yarn needle

Patternstitch found in Lisl Fanderl’s Baeuerliches Stricken1, p. 63

This is a very simple pattern, but I think it comes out really nice. I like diagonals lately….
I did not block the scarf when it was done, I like the way it curls in at the edges.


CO 26 stitches (= 12 stitches pattern repeat plus 2 edge stitches)
K1 row, (WS)
Row1: sl1, k1, *yo, ssk, k2, rep from* accros to last 4 stitches, end with ssk, k1, k1tbl
Row2 and every WS row: sl1, p across to last stitch, k1tbl
Row3: sl1, k2 * yo, ssk, k2, rep from* across toi last 3 stitches, end with ssk, k1 tbl
Row5: sl1, k3 *yo, ssk, k2, rep across to last2 stitches, end with k1, k1tbl
Row7: sl1, *yo, ssk, k2, rep across to last stitch, k1tbl,
Work one more WS Row

Rep these 8 rows for pattern until you have just enough Yarn left to k 1 row and then BO in the technique of your choice.

Sew in all ends, block scarf, if you wish, I left it curled, enjoy 🙂

I wrote this “what-I-did”** in the hope you all have fun knitting it. It is a very simple knit, I think both men and women can wear it equally well.
*,** I don’t want to call it a pattern, it is that easy. Really, I just wrote down what I did… I could call it a “write-down”, or a “what-I-did-was”….

This scarf was inspired by thoughts of a friend of ours, that suffered from Aids.
If knitting this scarf should compel you to make a donation to an Aids foundation of your choice (or any other charitable organization for that matter), I would be very honored!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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