Here are a few more of my shawls 🙂

These are all Plymouth Yarn’s new “Plymouth Earth, ecco cashmere”.

stats: 100% cashmere, laceweight (50g/approx. 354 yds), colors: tan and white

Oh how very soft and oh how wonderful to knit with!!! I am in love with this Yarn! It gives you an absolute airy and lightweight fabric, yet it is surprisingly warm! And the lace turns out beautifully in this yarn!
I secretly call the tan shawl dragon wings ;). It is hard to see on the picture, but it has little lacy cables between the diamond panels.
It has a sort of half-round shape to it and pseudo-faroese shaping (read: stays on the shoulders very nicely!!). The white one is a rectangular one and was fun to knit for a change 🙂

The scarf was not knitted by me, but it is my pattern 🙂

(as always: clicking on the image makes it big)
(pictures posted with permission!)

Happy to hear from you! :)

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