New things

are brewing.

I can’t show you anything at the moment, but I can tell you! I am absolutely excited about this project! I did it in collaboration with a Friend of mine from Austria!

Sabine: I had so much fun doing this!!!!

I am telling you, folks, Sabine is an amazing spinner and dyer! Go by her website (it’s in German, but you can still look at the pretty pictures!)
Right now we have two projects going. I am so looking forward how you all will like it!

I can tell you this much: it will be kits. Yarn and design together. The Kick off will be a triangular shawl, just a wee bit of lace in it. We called it Desert Sunset. If you like colors, you will like this. Strong yellows oranges and reds. Imagine the sun setting on a hot day in the desert. How it lights up the sky one more time.
It will be a bit thicker yarn. We planned our timing so you all would be able to get the kit and knit it in time for it to be done when Fall arrives. So the sun can light up the sky one more time with color, before winter comes and mutes everything down.
The shawl is meant to be an “instead-of-a-jacket” on the first few cooler days or when the nights get a bit breezier and cooler, but one just can’t say goodbye to the porch or the patio just yet, because the flowers and the BBQ are still beckoning.

Let me say I had fun doing this and I am absolutely happy to be doing it with someone from the old neighborhood! LOL

Here is a teeny weeny preview of the second kit. Not the Desert sunset. Something else.But here it is, because I just can’t keep it to myself. 😉
I will not tell you what it is though ! 😀


Happy to hear from you! :)

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