Desert Sunset

Finally I can show you a picture!(the waiting nearly killed me)
Here it is: DESERT SUNSET!

(picture posted with permission)

A triangular shawl with just a smidge of lace on the bottom edge.
The colors are hand dyed by Sabine.
The Yarn is a bit thicker, so it will be wonderful as an “instead-of-a-jacket” for the first few cooler days in fall. When summer says goodbye, but you are not ready yet, to hide inside by the fireplace.
The yellows, oranges and reds of a sunset contrasting with the black of the shadows it creates. The pattern itself is reminiscent of the desert. Stockinette stitch gives you the stark, quiet, as the desert appears, but if you look closely you will see it brimming with live. That is where the color comes in. Very lively tones, but the black stripes keep it in check. The shadows, as oasis of rest.

We have decided, to offer this shawl in different collorcombos. Some people are not into the yellows and reds 😉
So it will be available also in a blue variation and a green variation. Just email us (Sabine or me) and we will see what we can do for you:)

This Shawl is available as a kit only at the moment.
Pattern, yarn and stitch markers will come together to you, the only thing you need to supply is the needles and some knitting time.
Needle size is 4.5mm, or US7
It is available through Sabine’s Website (or just send me an email, if you don’t speak German, I will forward it to her.)
You can order it in two different sizes, depending on the size you want the shawl to be when finished.
We are taking reservations right now, as we need to see how many people would be interested and then the yarn will be custom painted for your shawl, one at a time. So they may all be the same pattern, but they are far from being alike!

Hope you all like it as much as we liked working on this together. 🙂


Happy to hear from you! :)

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