Molly the Metall Smith

Sometimes you meet people and you just “cklick”. Has that ever happened to you?

It happened to me a few times. Molly the Metal smith is one such person. I met her via the internet.

I emailed her quite a while ago now, to find out some information, if and when she would hold the “sock trade” again. I so wanted to be in on it. (She makes the most beautiful hand wrought needles!!! And trades them for hand knitted socks)

We got to talk. Not just about needles… about a lot of things! Molly is the sweetest person you can ever meet. She is funny and talented and if you don’t belief me, check out her website.

I love to hear about the smithy and John and the sheep Petunia and the guest and the spinning and soon the weaving ( Congratulations on the loom I sooo envy you, but in a good way)

A few days ago I got an email from Molly, saying something to the extent of: I sent you something, I know you don’t have…”

Oooohhhh.. what could it be? Molly has sent me books before. (One, which she wrote herself! About how to make Celtic knots out of paper! Go check it out it is FUN and definitely an addictive activity LOL!

and one by Elsbeth Lavold (Viking patterns for knitting) and some Paper Celtic knots made by her. She is always full of surprises…)

Well Yesterday I checked my mailbox and it held a package from Molly! I ripped it open in the car, not waiting to get all the way in the house.


A set of size 3 DPN’s!
THANK YOU MOLLY! You are crazy for sending me such a wonderful gift!

I adore them. If at all possible, they are even more beautiful then the size 1’s I have! How do you do it? I am utterly amazed! I could not help myself and despite a few projects that really have to be done, I cast on for socks. Oh and a Cable needle was with it as well! They are soooo pretty by themselves!

I did not make it to knit night last Wednesday, but I will have to go this week and show off my new babies! J

If you should be looking for a present for the knitter/crocheter in your life: check out Molly’s site! Wonderful, handmade treasures. These Needles are works of art for the works of art we knitters/crocheters create. Splurge a little! You are worth it. I guarantee, Molly’s needles will become heirlooms. (My daughter is already eying mine, but no such luck! She will have to wait until I can’t hold them anymore, before I will hand them over LOL)


Happy to hear from you! :)

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