It looks a lot like Christmas!

It’s already October and folks are thinking about Christmas! So we finally went ahead and got our next collaboration finished, polished and all ready to be taken out on the town.

It is -as I promised- lace but no shawl. We opted for a shrug instead.
Wonderfully versatile. You can dress it up as Sabine did in the pictures with your little black dress or wear it with jeans.

Sabine spun the wonderful yarn again. She really is great! It is Merino/Silk with a wee bit of glitter in it, as you can see in the close up pictures. (here are two of the yarns for you to look at.Tthe rest of the available colors can be seen here)
It all comes neatly packed in hand sewn little fabric bags (thank you, Renate8). Great if you want to take it along on the holiday visits to your loved ones. Or, if it is supposed to be a present, you don’t have to worry about wrapping it! (needles not included!!!)
Even if you knit the shrug! Just put it back in the bag and presto! one down! 🙂

We have decided to make it in two different sizes:
size S/M: 26,50€ + shipping
size L/XL: 31,50€ + shipping

The orders will be collected until October13th, 08, so Sabine will know how much she needs to spin. It all will then be sent out beginning of November 08, so you all still have enough time to get your presents done in time (or make it for yourself to spice up the holiday wardrobe!)
In case you need more then one present you can buy the yarn for the second shrug by itself.
small: 11€
big: 16,50€
The pattern can be downloaded separately for 5€, but I do suggest you try Sabine’s wonderful yarn! You will be hooked on it in no time!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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