my best friend

Kerstin doesn’t read this blog, so I can show off her present 🙂
I made this shawl for her (I had made one like it earlier, she saw it and mentioned, she liked it)
I worked on it since Summer ( yes I wanted to be done early so I could send it and it would get there in time.. HA… well it got done last night and I still have to sew in the ends…)
It will maybe get there in time we shall see…It has some shoulder shaping going on and only one strip of lace down the center, picot bind off. I have no idea how much yarn I used for it. I just spun more when I ran out. 😉

I also have some handspun yarn, but I still have to take pictures of it. I will post that…… sometime…..


3 thoughts on “my best friend

  1. Dear Molly the metalsmith- Your information on the net sounds so intriguing and it seems to include “bronze” which is my interest-I am interested in having wedding rings made in bronze- Thanks for your postings- found them really interesting and GREAT- andwould appreciate your response and comments about “bronze” used in rings- would this be appropriate?Thanks again- Bonnie

  2. Dear Bonnie!Please email me, so I can forward your question to molly!My email: spinndiva[at]gmail[dot]com or go to mollies site and email her directly through her contact link!I know she will be happy to help! She is just about the sweetest person there is!Hugs,Bridgett

Happy to hear from you! :)

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