dashing just for fun

My friend Karen is the editor of “Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine” (I think I have told you all about it before).
She is one of those ladies, that constantly have new ideas… Her brain never sleeps!!!
She came up with a new Magazine called “cotton spice creative” (free to download, when you join up the quilt dash. It has a pattern of mine in it, a lap blanket!)
Just recently she started Quilt dash.

It is a fun concept! Go join up (it’s free).
Karen and her Friend are putting “dashes” together.
Basically, there are links to online Fabric stores (and whatever else makes a quilters heart jump with joy!)
You have to find a specific symbol on the individual pages. If you find the symbol on all the sites, that participate in the dash you joined, then you could win a prize! It is so much fun!
You decide, what dash you want to join and how many.
I joined a couple myself, since I am really interested in starting to quilt. Soooo many things to look at! What a great, fun way also to get people to look at your site!
(I had no idea something like that was going on!!! But apparently Quilters do it all the time!)

Anyway… like I said, she never sleeps and she found a way to bring this fun little game to us knitters and crocheters!!!!! YAYYY!
Let me introduce you to the YARN DASH!
Same principle – only yarn stores! What a fun idea! I am already signed up! (ou get one free copy of her brand new downloadable magazine called “yarnie”)

Now to more fun! February and March she will give away some of my patterns at the end of the dash!
Those patterns will not be available anywhere else until much later!!
So if you want to have a go, get signed up! Find out about new online stores, or fabulous sales and have some fun along the way!

I will put up the logo to the yarn dash on the side bar with a clickable link ( hopefully, LOL, you all know, I am a computer GENIUS!!!) . The logo to the quilt dash will follow as soon as I get it!

See you there!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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