Molly was here! 🙂

We finally met in person! Molly and her husband John came to visit today! Both are absolutely delightful! I had such a good time! (the first visitor to really appreciate my “fiber room”!!!!)

Molly brought me some wonderful goodies! She replaced one of my knitting needles, I lost in the move ( I was heartbroken over it!!!!) and she brought me Nancy Bush’s book”Folk Socks” (YUM)
and some “froggie treats”: vintage salt and pepper shakers in a frog shape and a sundial with a frog on it and a beautiful, big, green ceramic frog, that I can use as a lid for things (it used to be the lid to her sugar bowl) I LOVE things like that!!!!

All I had for her was a pair of mittens I made for her out of handdyed/handspun yarn ( picture will follow as well as the pattern) and some Camelfiber to try.

We had lunch together at my house (I made fresh Broccoli soup and Salmonburgers (my own secret recipe) and corn and I forgot to make the potatoes!!! Leave it to me, to make half a lunch! LOL)
Good food, good people, what more can one ask?

We got invited to go visit them at their home on Lopez island and we will definitely go the minute I have a minute!!! What sweet people they both are! So much FUN and so much knowledge! I could have visited for a few more hours, but sadly they had appointments to keep, so they had to leave. Well, there is always next time. And I am definitely looking forward to that!

Molly, John! You guys are wonderful people! We loved having you over and are looking forward to seeing you again!
Molly:Good Luck tomorrow! My thoughts are with you!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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