I don’t just knit!
I also eat! 😉

And since my husband is Hispanic we eat a lot of Mexican food!
A lot….well, it kind of divides like this: German dishes 60%, Mexican dishes 20% and “others” 20%. Since I am the main cook in the family and I cook German recipes by default!
I love to cook! One of the few hobbies I have, that has nothing to do with fiber…or does it?

Today we got some Churritos! Oh!!! We haven’t had them in forever!

Hot oil, lime, salt and a liiiiittle bit of chili powder! How could you not LOVE them?
It is so much fun to watch them “grow” in the pan!
Probably not the healthiest snack ever, but we don’t eat them every day…


Happy to hear from you! :)

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