Wendy’s Birthday Surprise

I was asked to make a little something for a birthday present!
It always makes me happy to be trusted with special things like this! 🙂 Thank you!

Here is the little scarf I was working on this last week. Now it is done and I hope the recipient will love it!
The yarn is an alpaca/silk blend, hand spun by my friend Sabine in Austria. I added some little glass beads to the flowers at the ends of the scarf. They glitter pretty in the sunshine and give the scarf a bit more weight at the ends, so it falls nice!
The scarf is feather light and sure to be a great accessory even for summer on those cooler nights.
I adore how the honeycomb pattern came out! I will have to make one like this for myself… I think it definitely is cute!
I imagine one could wear it with ribbons threaded trough and cinched maybe at both ends to make ruffled edges for a change! Wouldn’t that be cute?

The pattern is availabe here. ($3)


5 thoughts on “Wendy’s Birthday Surprise

  1. Wow-what a terrific surprise my husband brought home for me– on a really terrible work day too. Did he tell you that my birthday was in October?! I guess he felt a bit late!I look forward to meeting you and wearing my luscious new scarfWendy

Happy to hear from you! :)

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