what am I growing?????

I admit I threw a bunch of seeds into this little pot…
The ones I remember are: Lemon, lavender, beans(I already transplanted those), apple, grapefruit, sesame and linseeds.
Now I know, it is not an apple or a grapefruit, since -well- I can see the apple seeds and the grapefruit I put in the pot after this one sprouted…
I have honest to goodness no clue what this is…
I thought “lemon”, but it looks NOTHING like the other lemon trees I have grown in the past. It does not turn green.
One of the “big” leaves broke off, I stuck it in the dirt and it is growing a root now too.
Since lemon seeds can grow more then one plant from each seed, I am suspecting that’s what it is, but yet again…looks NOTHING like any lemon tree I have ever grown…

What is it?
Why is it not turning green?
Am I harboring an alien seed from outer space?
Should I knit it a hat?

If you know what it is, would you let me know! Please?


One thought on “what am I growing?????

Happy to hear from you! :)

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