No, I did not spin straw into gold (wouldn’t that be nice???)
I spun recycled copper wire into a bracelet! 🙂
When my fingers are recovered, I will dip it in resin, or some other seethrough covering material, so nobody gets poked by it.
I love it though!!!!
The spinning gave it some real dimansion. Some of the strands are spun tighter then the others and reflect the light differently. I hope coating it will not diminish that effect…
We will see, I let you all know!
Now to figure out what to do with the rest of the wire. This definitely was a ONE OF A KIND experiment! 😉

First I had to take apart the big wires to get the single strands out of it, then I spun always two of those strands together (very skinny little strands) Then I plied them, and plied them, and plied them and… until this came out. 🙂 FUN…

Then I knitted one with only single threads of recycled copper wire and little golden glass beads!


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