I’m still here and I’m still knitting

I just finished a pair of socks, that will be a little gift tomorrow.
We are invited to a BBQ with some awesome people and I am so looking forward!
Hopefully the recipient will like the socks as much as I liked knitting them.
The pattern for said socks is from one of my online friends, Marlies, from Switzerland.
She has written two of her sockpatterns down so far and oh are they beautiful!
After knitting the first one I have to say: they are fun to knit too! Very recommendable! 🙂
They are only written in German though, but they have a chart with them, so if you are a seasoned Sock knitter you should be able to get the hang of this pattern even without speaking/reading German.
I made the “Herbstlaubsocken”. (the link goes to her post about the pattern , not to the pattern itself! She has a link in her post to the pattern)

I have a little picture for you, but since they are not for me, I can’t show them to you on the feet…
Pictured:Herbstlaubsocken after a pattern by Marlies from Bergzauber Stricken.

Right now I am knitting on a new shawl. This time one for me! Pictures of that, when I have something to show.
It won’t be a round one though! Sort of oblong, is what I decided on. Let’s see what comes of it!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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