Where is Waldo?

We live in an old house.
An old house has creaks and groans and little niches and such places where insects can hide in a pinch.
In our house we have a “capture and release policy” in place.
When insects come in, we capture them and send them back on their way outside.
Well, all but one.
We have a spider living in the bottom corner of the Dining room. I was about to catch it, when the kiddos lobbied, that it would be “oh-so-educational” to study it in it’s “natural habitat” (actual quotes here folks!!!).
I tried to convince them, that my dining room is in no way a natural habitat for spiders, but to no avail. (They got me with the educational part of their little speech!!! grrrr)

So the spider and I made a deal.
“He” (We know it is more likely to be a she, but we call her a he for whatever reason)
Anyway, he stays where he is at, in that corner and I will not bother him.
if he decides to “move out” of said corner, his little behind is mine and will be fed to the fish!!!
The capture and release program has been suspended for Waldo! And he knows it!!!
(More then likely I will still just throw him out should he break our deal, but there has to be a threat of some sort. )
I figured Waldo would be a fitting name, since every morning I ask the Kids:”Where is Waldo?” With newspaper and an old glass at the ready, in case the answer is “We don’t know!”

At the moment he is really helpful. He eats the little sugar ants that every so often try to invade the dining room… very practical and less harmful then chemicals 🙂
(before Waldo I washed down the whole thing with bleach on a regular basis. Great smell.. YUCK.)

What would a post be without a picture, so here he is, in all his glory, waiting for an ant to cross his way. Should you suffer from arachnophobia, don’t look!!!! (it is really a rather tiny corner, and I haven’t cleaned it, since we discovered the critter, so excuse the dirt…)
I give you:

Can you find him? 😀

Happy to hear from you! :)

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