my place :)

This is the place where most of my knitting is done on pretty days.
An old rocking chair, I got for free at a yardsale. Very comfy, very cool! 🙂
Sunglasses, a cold drink and off I go.
While I do that, my kiddos are in the backyard doing this: (if any real life Archaeologists read along: I tried my best to make it “authentic”…sorry if I failed…)
We made a grid out of orange yarn, they have pieces of paper, where they draw everything “in situ” and even used a compass to find out how their grid is laid out. (I think we should have determined North before making the grid…this way it was exactly caddy-corner.. nobody’s perfect…) The important thing is:They had fun and even “found” some things! A little bead and a snail shell!

Hello Judy!

I am doing my own “thang” with this summer shawl…
Or at least trying to LOL 😀

Sending hugs!


2 thoughts on “my place :)

  1. Heh! Heh! We had a neighbor in San Diego who used to hide chicken bones in her backyard for her grandkids to find on their digs. LOL I see you have a yarnshop listed in Moab…guess where we may go in the fall? (It’s enroute to NM where my stepmother lives.)

Happy to hear from you! :)

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