What a day! :)

Look what we got to see: MARINE LIFE CENTER

We went to the Marina today with my friend W.
It was a wonderful day (even if it was HOT)
We saw: Several different anemones, a sea cucumber, urchents, crabs, flounders, seastars, hermit crabs… and we got to touch some of them too! In the “touchtank” It was FABULOUS! 😀 (the anemones are a bit “grabby” LOL)


2 thoughts on “What a day! :)

  1. Hello Judy!No this is right here in Bellingham! :)Not very big, but worth a trip when you are here anyway! :)it is the Marine Live Center! it is right down where all the boats are! In the house there behind the barber shop. 😀 .not HUGE but you get to see whats living in the Baytwo tanks, the little "touch tank' and a big open tank and three Aquarium-type tanks. But nice people with lots of knowledge! I will post a link when I find one!Hugs.B.

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