out, but not about

I had the rocking chair in front of the house, for lazy summer afternoons, knitting outside!
I now have furniture in my yard as well, for when friends come over and I need more then one place to sit!
You just HAVE to love yardsales and their “free piles”!!!!

I fell in love with this little red upholstered chair! It fell victim to a puppy! But I saw potential!!!
It was free, so we took it home! Coincidentally I found yarn in another free pile and it had -ohmygosh- the same colours as the chair!!! It was meant to be!
I started to crochet patches for over the bitemarks… – e voila!I am not all the way done yet, but it is getting there! The yellow on the right armrest is a crochet patch too. It is pompom yarn! It looks so cute in reality, doesn’t come out in the picture though…
We found a table today on our way to the gas station! It used to be wood, but got painted silver and was by the side of the road with a sign “Free” on it! My favourite price!!! It was a match made in heaven!
Here is a picture of the “group”. I got all of it for free! 🙂I love it! I think it looks inviting!

This may sound cheap to some, but I look at it this way: Less waste in our landfills! I rescued these pieces from being dumped and forgotten and gave them new live and new appreciation!

We will fix our fence too soon! I have a special idea for that! You will have to wait and see! *big grin*

PS. I LOVE the long grass! It gives you the feeling of an enchanted garden! You sort of expect to see a fairy or three flitting about, giggling!


6 thoughts on “out, but not about

  1. I love it! That's a great table find. My mother used to stop by trash piles she'd see along the side of the road when she spotted something good. I would slink down in the seat – embarrassed! Now, I've been know to do the same thing! Got a great pine love seat out of the dumpster! Great condition just no cushions. Can't wait to see what you do with the fence – maybe intarsia!!???

Happy to hear from you! :)

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