THE Socktrade of the year

And the most important one to be in, in my opinion:

Molly announced the beginning of her annual Sock trade!

She trades her AWESOME hand forged knitting needles (DPN’s) for hand knitted Socks! Go to her website and check it out!

I have her permission to show you some of the pictures from her blog! So you get an idea what you get in trade for your socks!Actually, that is how Molly and I met. I sent her an email asking about her sock trade, since I could not believe someone would trade such beautiful needles for hand knitted socks! ( And take it from me these needles are even more beautiful in reality!!! They take your breath away!)

So I asked… Molly told me… we got to talking… the rest is history! As they say!

I am so incredibly grateful, that I was “daring” enough to write to her! (I am normally a shy person, belief it or not!)

She is such a wonderful friend! Such fun and full of creativity!
And her husband John is a wonderful person too! I was lucky enough to meet both in person. (I can’t wait to visit Molly on her island! I am coming Molly! One of these Days!!! LOL)

Anyway! Her needles are truly wonderful. I have two sets myself and I love, love, love them! (including cable needle, which I love so much! They are so pretty!)
But don’t take my word for it! Trade and get your own set!
Go talk to her and knit her some socks!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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