Are you following?

I have noticed today, I have 15 followers on this blog!
15 wonderful people think my little corner of the World Wide Web worth reading!
I am so thrilled!!

I have snooped around your guy’s blogs too! HA!

You are a very creative and talented bunch and I am very honoured, that you think what I do and write is worth noticing!

I would like to give you all a shout out and link to your blogs (those of you that have one) here, since I don’t have the time to comment on each one separately!(Maybe I can get some traffic to your sites as a little”Thank you”)

Just know: I think you guys ROCK!

So here some links for the others, that may stumble across my blog, or just read here without following.

“gracebiz” I couldn’t find your blog, but thanks for reading mine! 🙂

“Nanalee”, same, I could not find your blog.. maybe you leave me a link in the comments? Thanks for reading my blog!

“Trisha” Trishi is a good friend of mine! LOVE YA HONEY! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

“Amy Osterhout”, didn’t find a blog for you, but thank you for reading mine! 🙂

“justabirdy” another good friend. Thanks for reading my blog!

“strickmuse” ‘s blog, thanks for reading mine!

“” has three blogs even! 🙂 Thanks for reading mine! 🙂

“Pocket Tote” has two! Thanks for reading mine!

“GrahToe” ‘ s blog. (Suuuupercute shop too! Love just about everything! Wish I had money, but alas, I am a poor artist!)Thanks for reading my blog!

“Bonny” Has a german blog very nice read, if you read German…Thanks for reading mine!

“Angelina”, s blog. Thanks for reading mine!

“Loretta” has two blogs and AMAZING stitching gong on! I was floored lady! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

“pawgang” has a bunch of blogs! 🙂 And she is a really great person! I know her from a Yahoo group (“Zugvoegel” a group for German Natives that live in different countries)Thanks for reading my blog!

“wolltrunken” another German blog. The blanket is AMAZING. I still love your avatar! Thanks for reading my blog!

“Agnes” a knitting designer. Such pretty designs! She has a Yahoo group too, where you can knit what she comes up with! Love the new blog sweety! Thanks for reading mine!

Honourable mentioning goes to Judy S. not a follower, but she always comments! Thanks Judy, for reading and commenting!! I love to read comments!

And of course my biggest Follower and Fan: MY HUSBAND! 🙂 Thanks for reading baby, none of this would be possible without you! (he doesn’t really “follow” me in the following section, but he reads it all the time and since I make the rules, this counts LOL)

So, now you know what an amazing group of people this is and why I am so thrilled that you all are reading here!



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