HAND towels

Yes! I am one of “those” knitters! I knit wash cloths and dish rags! I love them and I think I am worth having something pretty to do these mundane chores with!

I just finished a new round of dish rags and am now progressing to a HAND towel. I am writing this capital, because I have several store bought ones, that my family abuses to wipe counters down with and mop up spills! It drives me up the walls! So my thinking was, maybe a knitted one will stay nice! Since it looks and feels different then the store bought ones, the distinction is CLEAR and I might have a chance of having a nice towel to dry my hands on. We shall see, it is an experiment in progress.

I sort of held myself loosely to this pattern. I like the way this looks. But it was way too big for what I had in mind and I need a different hanger too. Hence the loosely. I have to admit: I am not a knitting Magazine or book junky! I have a few select ones that I LOVE and wouldn’t trade for the world. I think the Mason Dixon book will have to be added to my collection (read:4 books! ohmygosh build another room!). I have seen several things made out of it and they look like FUN! Gotta go get it!

I will post pictures of the finished product when I have some.

Now sort of a P/S to the previous post:
I had no idea so many people read so regularly!

I have to mention two more and not just because they are near and dear to my heart! 🙂
Sabine! She spins Yarn! Professionally! She is on sort of a hiatus at the moment, but I will let you know the moment she is back up and running! Her yarn is AWESOME and it is totally worth it even to pay the shipping all the way to “over here” from “over there”.

And Karen! She is the editor of Ruby Magazine! (go check out the preview on the Ruby blog! and while you are there sign up for the newsletter, if you don’t right away get a subscription. (be warned! It is a great magazine and it will be hard not to subscribe!) She also does the Dash-games (yarn and quilt!) link in the sidebar somewhere! Go check them out they are so much fun! (and every now and then, there is one of my patterns as a prize!)

Thanks you two for reading! I am honoured!
Sending hugs out to all my readers, followers, google readers, just came by on a whim, or stumbled upon this here my blog!


3 thoughts on “HAND towels

  1. Hi girl,you are so sweet, many thanks! I think I will have to write my blog in German and English for the people comming over from your blog – OMG that would be great fun for the English speaking… No, better not.I think I will knit a towel instead. ;-)hugs, Sabine

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