So there! 🙂I just don’t like the way it looks. Now I have to make another one….This time I do it the “old fashioned way”: free hand! 😀

And Weeeeeeee got a girlfriend: BUBB.She has rice and lavender instead of beans a a filling and is made out of see-through, lacy type fabric (I think it was meant to be a curtain one day) She was done a few days ago already, but I just somehow never showed her…


2 thoughts on “IT’S DONE!

  1. Thats a gorgeous hand towel, is it cotton? What a nice color, did you dye it? Also, Bubb's spiral face is perfection with the round black eyes – I vow to create over the next two days, I can't bear not to any longer. Bubb reminds me of the face in the clouds, maybe Bubb's thoughts are always in the clouds? Yes because Bubb is short for BUBBLES and of course.. bubbles float….*nodds with solemn understanding*

  2. Thank you on the hand towel. I am not sure I like it…. I did not dye it, it is cotton/linen/silk YUMBubb is short for BUBBLES! how did you know??? Oh why do I ask! OF COURSE YOU WOULD KNOW! 😀

Happy to hear from you! :)

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