Random post

The HAND towel is still not done! I am working on it! There is just so much STUFF to distract me! I swear it’s a conspiracy!!! I am sitting, diligently working and -BOOM- a thought occurs to me… gotta go investigate! Can’t just let the random thoughts go unnoticed!

I figured, I might as well give special attention to my random thoughts. Randomly of course!

So I came up with this: Wrapped in a brown paper bag, because I LOVE THEM!It is just about 4 inches high. I got those little notebooks at the dollar store some time ago! (3 for a buck I believe) I randomly picked them up, didn’t even need them!!
Here a few random pages:
Random art:
You can fold it out -at random:You can even see my totally random bookmark specially made for this journal!

I’m making one for my friend as well! Everybody should have a Journal for total randomness!

Seeee how easy I get side tracked? Right now I am not knitting, because I am blogging! IT NEVER ENDS! 😀


4 thoughts on “Random post

  1. Loveeeee ittttt! I must do this and I'll do it while I'm at work today in between mini gummi bears and teeny squares of cheesecake! Yeah. Maybe I can even record the inevitable episode of schadenfreude when we run out of hot fudge 😀 Seriously, I love that journal thanks for always inspiring me xoxo

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