I gotta say it!

I was promised a few things when I moved up here!
RAIN and COLD only to mention two! Now I sit here in 102 degree weather!
What -please- is up with that?????

I was duped into believing (with the rest of the United States I might add) that the pacific Northwest is always dreary and cold and rainy and blah! I was so looking forward! I like blah! BUT NO SUCH THING! Hot and sunshine and beautiful summer weather! *grumble mutter*

I also have a giraffe to show! 🙂 (since it is almost as hot as in Africa, I thought I might as well draw african wildlife!)It’s for the one million giraffes thing.. my family and I already made a few, this one being the latest! It’s not the nicest giraffe ever, but it is mine! …Ok, I admit: I suck at drawing giraffes!!!!!
It won’t let me upload it to the site directly, so I have to upload it here, in order to send a link….


Happy to hear from you! :)

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