Well.. I went and done it!

I submitted my first article to Ruby Magazine! Remember? The mag I told you about a while ago?

It will be in the September issue! YAYY!
I got my own little column now. “Ruby’s Closet!”
So I will be writing now on a regular basis! I am so thrilled!

Do go and check it out. It is a great Magazine. For Woman all ages! Mothers and daughters Grandma and Grandbaby, Aunt and Niece, Neighbours.. Invite the woman in your live to share it with you!
It’s like a friend coming for a chat!

There is even a social networking site, for Subscribers! We have everything from Recipes, to paper dolls and colouring pages, stationary to print out and a music part. Travel, stories and a readers part, where you can submit your stories and pictures to share with other readers! Homeschooling and fdevotions.. and so much more I am sure I’m forgetting something.

The best part? It is written by woman like you and me! Regular down to earth Mom’s, aunts, nieces, daughters, friends. Firmly in their lives, so you know you won’t get some ones weird notion of what your live is supposed to be like, but “lived” stories from the heart! Recipes that your family will actually like and you don’t have to have a Michelin Star to prepare them, or a trip to the farmers market in Paris to get the ingredients!

Come join me and the other Editors at Ruby’s magazine!


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