I am knitting, but there is no lace in sight!

Just recently I got such a sweet surprise!
I am on Dibspace. Well, I sort of forgot I was… I actually wanted my account canceled, since I wasn’t using it as much as I thought I would. The Idea is amazing, I just sort of don’t have the time for it! LOL

Anyway, one beautiful day I got this notification, that I had a PM there.. “hmmmm” I thought.

It was from a very sweet Lady, asking me, if I wanted to knit a blanket for her first baby! OH HOW CUTE!!!! I cannot say no to first time Moms! So I agreed to do it!

She picked the colours and had the yarn sent here and I went right to work.
I was so very flattered when I was entrusted with such a special project! Thank you so much, L!

I hope she likes what I came up with!

It is not done yet. I was half way through, when I had to start over, because apparently Math is not my strong suit! LOL
Anyway, I am knitting away. It will have a green border around it. I will make pictures when it is all done and post them. 🙂
I hope L and her baby will like it and I hope you all will too!
More specks will come when it is done (size etc)
Here is a first picture of it.

One without flash and one withThe little red heart is a miniature stuffy. I made these “Hugs” a while ago.. I just could not stop myself! It started with some for my kids, to carry around in their pant pockets, so they will never be without a hug. Then I made one for myself.. and another one and another… not sure yet, where they all will go…. the one in the picture is mine. It has little wings on the back! 😀 It is not attached to the blanket! I just put it there for a spot of colour!


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