That’s what I get for not writing and updating in forever! Inches of dust on my blog! Well a new background should spruce things up right away. Little Turkeys! 😀 Matching the Holiday….

What else is new? Hmmmmmm…..

Let me tell you about the 15 days of Christmas project over on the “Ruby Magazine” blog!
15 days of free ideas, tips and how to’s for handmade Christmas presents! It all starts on December 1st!
Hop on over and check it out (I wrote a little something too, but nothing knitting related) I will definitely use a few of the ideas there to make some presents this year.

Then: some of my patterns will be available for purchase now all in one place! Over at the Cotton spice pattern shop! Alongside a bunch of other wonderful designers I was invited to add my patterns to their selection.
Go check it out!
It is so nice to have it all in one place and not having to worry about how it gets downloaded and what not….
They have quilting patterns and some knitting patterns, home decor, clothing etc.. just follow the link, it will get you there! I am sure you will find something you will absolutely love!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (well almost in front of the door!) It is my favorite Holiday of all times! I love to cook and I go all out for Thanksgiving!

We will have some broccoli soup and Turkey, stuffing, dumplings, mashed potatoes, veggies (carrots and ucchini) Salad (leaf salad with mixed greens and some bell peppers and tomatoes and a cucumber salad), pecan pie, cookies, chips and dips…. I love it!

I also made some more candied lemon peels! I have made some before. I love to add them on top of pancakes, or pastries.
This time I got a “Buddha’s hand” citron! OH they smell goooooood!

Here is a picture of one:(This is not my picture!! I found it on the web!
If you know who’s picture this is, please let me know, so I can give credit! Thanks!)

Here is an article to read more about it.
The candied peel did not turn out so well. I blame the new recipe! I will try it again with my old standby and see what comes of it. I did manage to get another “Buddha’s hand”, but I am thinking of rather making an infusion with it instead of candying! Now to decide what to infuse with it! 😀

I will try and find my camera cable between now and Thanksgiving, so I can make some pictures of our feast… (I hate moving! I can never find anything!)

On the knitting front: Not much new stuff, since I am way too busy lately…. but I did manage to make a little hot pad for under my tea pot… handspun yarn, knit on the diagonal and then felted. Nothing breathtaking, but it get’s the job done….

To be honest: I am ok not knitting at the moment..*gasp* I know! It will return eventually… before then I hope I am done with my little “interlude” project. I am making a fabric yo yo pillow case. It was supposed to be a lap blanket, but I figured out after cutting the pieces, that I would never have enough fabric for that. I am using fabric I got at garage sales, so no way I can go and buy more….
I will make pictures. Eventually!
I also promise to write more often! Maybe….

So my friends, for now I wish you the best. Take care! I hope you all get to spend the holiday like me: surrounded by loved ones, doing what you love to do best!


2 thoughts on “DUST!!!

  1. I love the new background! It's good to hear from you again. You're always tempting me with some goodies. Shame on you. 😉 It's ok to not want to knit. I get into jags where I prefer one craft over another and nothing I have going gets finished. For months. That is one strange looking lemon. I wouldn't know how to start peeling that. hehe. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  2. BEANIE! Snorgles!I have to still do my blogrounds! Then I will scoot by yours too! How have you been?The "Buddha's hand" actually does not have any "fruit" part in it, no pulp….It is all pith and skin… :DStill haven't made up my mind as to what to infuse….Maybe make a baking flavor out of it?

Happy to hear from you! :)

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