Another present

The baby boy of our good friends (more like family really) will turn 2 on December 31st.
For Christmas he got a handmade little book. The kids wrote the story and I made the drawings. We used an old Picture book as a base and covered the pages with a re-used paper grocery bag from TJ’s. I thought it would be very cute to have a handmade book out of recycled materials. Sadly I did not get a picture before we dropped it off. Oh well…
His parents are very into recycling.
I think recycling a shirt into something will fit the bill for the Birthday present!
I found this tutorial and will try my hand at it! 😀
That was at 7:41 pm…

Now it is 9:17pm and I have produced this: (don’t mind the wonky sleeve, it only looks like this in the picture… they are the same size!)Seeeeeee? I can’t sew to save my live! This was supposed to be PANTS!!!! 😀
I found an old T-shirt from my husband, and a little 24 Mo. T-shirt for a pattern guide, some fabric paint and off I went! I don’t have toddlers around the house, but my Dog uses that size. He is a hairless Chinese Crested and needs Winter Jackets and T-shirts in summer so he won’t get sunburned. Good news: I can make them for him now!
Now what to do with the rest of the shirt…. maybe the pants? LOL


Happy to hear from you! :)

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