sprouted bean soup (sort of recipe)

Hello Susan!

Here is my version of sprouted bean soup for you!

You need a variety of beans. The more the merrier, depending on your taste. (you can make it with just one variety if you like, but it is prettier with more then one)

  1. Here is what you do to sprout beans: Soak all your beans over night in room temperature water in a warm spot (you could put them on top of the fridge… I never do though, I just put them on the counter).The next day drain the remaining water and wash your beans well. Then you can put them in a sprouting container. You can read how to use those sprouting containers here. I don’t have one, so I just put them in a strainer. works just as well (actually it is better in my opinion, because more air gets to the beans and you KNOW they won’t be sitting in water). Rinse the beans at least twice a day well. (I have a giant blue colander, the edges of which sit on the rim of the sink, so it is suspended over the sink. That one is perfect for doing this!) Let the beans drain well! A day later you should see the first little tails.Here is a picture of mine on the second day:Almost all beans have little tails now. I will be making my soup tomorrow!
  2. To make the soup, first fry some onions in a bit of oil. When they start to get golden, then put the beans in with them and just slightly warm them a bit. Add the stock (if you don’t have any, use water and a bullion cube), salt pepper, some dried celery leaves, carrots, I add thyme and rosemary, or sometimes some a French herb mix I buy at my herb store. (it has thyme, rosemary, lavender, coriander, lemon grass and other herbs in it. YUM they mix it there at the store!) The seasoning really depends on my mood. You could also make it a curry (which is more the traditional Kwati)

I found this recipe online for you. It sounds really good! (I just don’t like that much cumin in my food) Just google sprouted bean soup recipe and it will give you a bunch. 😀 Hope you find one you like! Sprouted beans are so healthy and don’t give you the “side effects” that normaly come with beans. 😉
You can read here more about why sprouting makes the beans even healthier. 😀

I found a you-tube video where they show how to use the sprouting containers… I love her enthusiasm! LOL


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