Why is it….

…that all my projects get done when it is super dark outside and all I can get are really bad pictures? SO sorry, but these will have to do….I got the skirt done today! 😀 Since that was only a wee bit work and I was not “done” sewing, I went and made this:After a tutorial I found here.Now all my sewing supplies will travel in style. I know it is not super straight, but I winged the measurements (read: NO measuring) ‘Cuz measuring is for people that can!
And here is tomorrow’s (or so) re-fashion project:
How can I pass up an Armani shirt for $3??? Gotta love the GoodWill!
I already have evil plans for it *mwuahahahahahhaa*


5 thoughts on “Why is it….

  1. I'm with Karen. Much cuter with the green ribbon trim. Adds some "culture" to the sheet! LOVE IT! No one would ever know. Also like the little bag. Bridgett…I wing most everything in life. My dad taught me that "when you don't know something….pretend you do and no one will ever be the wiser". You know he was right…when I'm not sure about things IF I just "wing it" then I accomplish much.

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