Ruby Magazine Subscriptions Giveaway!

We came up with some neat surprises over at the Ruby Magazine!

Check it out:
For the month of Jan until Feb 5. Every 3rd subscriber will receive a prize AND on top of that, every 7th subscriber will get a refund on their subscription!!!! And On top of all that – on Feb 6, we’ll hold a Grand Prize drawing from everyone who subscribed during this period. They will win a Super Duper Craft Supplies Box!!!! It will have buttons, lace, FQ’s, nice yarn, and goodies galore! If you’ve been wanting to subscribe to Ruby – now is the time!!!

The text and link will be in the sidebar too under “What’s new Pussycat?” until it is over.
It’s where all the new “heads up” info will go from now on! So keep an eye on it! 😀 This will be things I find around the net.
I don’t necessarily participate in the posted giveaways/ challenges (maybe that’s why I never win anything???). I don’t get anything for providing you with the links either.
If I think you might like it, or find it interesting, I will post it there… How is that for convenience? 😉


Happy to hear from you! :)

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