todays sewing project

I decided to wash and dry all my cotton today. So I zig zaged around it so it would not fray in the washer/dryer. Beyond that I only made this little bit: (the colours are a bit off… it is cute and pink)A tiny pillow casing. I got the pink squares in a tag I participated some time ago.It also was the very first quilting square I ever made on a machine! (only quilted by hand so far) The back is made of a vintage handkerchief. I collect those, so I have plenty of them !I want to make a little pillow for inside it out of regular muslin I have somewhere around and then stuff that with cherry pits. Those can be heated up in the stove and work well when you have a tummy ache as a “hot water bottle”. Or you can cool them in the freezer.


Happy to hear from you! :)

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