No weddings and a funeral…

Of course the T-shirt was not all today (well yesterday, it is past midnight now). I also had a Hamster funeral to attend, new furry friends to welcome to the house, babysit and sew a little something for my daughter. Just another day in our house.

My Son’s hamster, Chainsaw passed away in her sleep last night. He was inconsolable all morning about it. We called Dad at work and the two decided there needs to be a new hamster in the house posthaste.
We did not just forget about Chainsaw. We made a little coffin out of a toilette paper roll and my son decorated it. He made a drawing of a little brown hamster on it and wrote bye bye chainsaw on it.
When Dad came home from work, we went and found the pet store and he decided (with a bit of info from me) that he wanted a “big” hamster this time. (Chainsaw was a dwarf hamster). We didn’t have to look for long and found two brothers. How could we split them up? We couldn’t and that was that. The newest addition to our household: Frasier and Niles.

While we were waiting for Dad to come home, I took out my favourite pair of pants, that went kaputt the other day. Beyond repair. A well loved pair of pants though and I did not just want to throw them out, so in the re-fashion pile they went.
Today it clicked. I made a shrug out of them for my daughter. Complete with a little bit of ruffles around the body and all.It is not all the way done yet, I still have to make two little seams in the back and put some bias tape around the inside of the ruffle. Other then that it is all finished and she loves it.What do you all think?
The sleeves were the former pant legs, I just took them in a bit… 😀
The pants were corduroy and the ruffles are out of paisley printed flannel 😀
Sorry for the bad pictures, but the lighting is not the best and the orange wall is not helping either. I will make some more pictures when it is all done!


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