Tie one on!

I made this yesterday:I wanted to make a scarf, but it somehow did not look good when it was all said and done. So I played around a bit and out came these little “neckties”. I actually made two of them, one for me and one for the store.Fabrics used: Vintage curtain (the polka dots) and some mystery fabric I got at a yard sale last summer. (the iron test result: not silk, although it looks like it, and not rayon either….something else…)I have made a few more of the little “sleeves” to go with it, so one can wear it with different styles (the black is fancy-shmancy velvet )
There are different ways one can wear it… These pics are just really quick, I will have to do a photo shoot for the store tomorrow.
On to new things. I got more Fabric yesterday from our adopted Oma… let’s see what will become of it. All wonderful vintage stuff! 😀 YUM

Today I got out the leftover fabric from the bag. I just could not rest until all that yummy stuff was used up and now it is to the last little thread (I still have a ton of the flower/stripy stuff though)
Anyway this came of it:A little bag with 4 pockets. I love it! It was supposed to become an envelope purse, but I didn’t have enough fabric for it, but just a bit too much to make it one little pouch….
After a bit of sewing and a bit of folding and playing I had it and I love it. This little thing will go on a journey to a very dear person. 😀 I hope she will love it!
I am working on a tutorial for this little purse/pouch thing. It should come some time next week.


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