Pouch tutorial (picture heavy)

I made two more and made pictures!
I also sort of measured! 😀

You need:

  • 2 pieces of Fabric, about one inch taller then it is wide, (so for example: mine was 14 inches by 13 inches) complimentary colours or coordinating colours.
  • A button,
  • some ribbon
  • and a sewing needle.
  1. Place your fabric right sides together and fold it in half lengthwise. Now cut the tip as follows: you use a straightedge or ruler and place it from the folded edge towards the open edge in a downward angle. (so it will be about 2,5 inches down on the open edge) Cut this piece off and discard. (I just now noticed while looking at the picture, that I could have used the angles given on my cutting mat…. Learn something new every minute!!!)
  2. Now open the fold and pin the ribbon between the two pieces of fabric.place both pieces together again and sew. (make sure you leave a bit open so you can turn it right side out!!!)
  3. Once it is all sewn up, cut the corners a bit, so they will turn neater.
  4. Turn everything right side out and press. You can sew a seam all the way around the edge (to close the open bit and to stabilize the edge a little bit) or just sew the opening up by hand with a few invisible stitches.

Now comes the folding!

  1. Once you figured out what side you want as the outside, lay the piece in front of you with the “inside” facing you. Fold the bottom part towards the point. NOT all the way to where the point starts forming!! Leave it about one inch or so from that point. Sew the side seams.Press. (I am showing you the brown and white pouch for this step, since on the orange one I folded the bottom up a bit higher. It really works better if you leave the inch! You could cut the pint steeper, then you can fold the bottom further up and won’t have the little edge there, but I rather like the little edge jutting out over the two little pockets.)
  2. Turn the piece with the back to wards you, so all you see is “outside” fabric. Now fold the sides in, so they meet in the middle under the point. I press them here, so I have a little fold where I know to sew. You can baste a line up to make sure you get it straight.Now sew the two seams up with your machine. Now you will have a pouch with three pockets.
  3. Fold the two pockets back again and sew over the bottom to make the two side pockets stay on the back. Sew the center seam with a needle and thread by hand.
  4. This is what it is supposed to look like and you sew up the center there…
  5. Sew on a button and you are done! 😀 You can see the two front pockets. It has one big one behind them and one big one on the back side (that one is without a flap.)Hope this all makes sense!

Let me know if you make one of these! I love to see pictures! I also would like to know if you are having trouble with these instructions, or if they make sense to other people then me….


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