Valentines Heart Tutorial

For Roe! 😀 Thanks for your comment. I always love to hear feedback from people!

This is my Valentines present for all of you, my readers! 😀

So, to make this:
you will need this:

  • Needle,
  • thread,
  • fabric of your choice (I used red linen Napkins, but use what you have),
  • an iron,
  • scissors and
  • a few pins.
  • Some sort of decoration. Little scraps of lace, beads, charms, fabric colour, stamps, to name a few….
  • If you have a sewing machine it goes faster, but I have made them for years without. They are so small, sewing around them by hand is done in a flash 😀

What to do:
First iron your fabric so it is nice and flat. Then fold it so it looks like in the picture. This way you can cut out “half” a heart and know both sides are symmetrical. 🙂
You will be left with these shapes (if you only use two layers of fabric you only have two shapes..I used four so I have four shapes)
Next you pin two of those shapes right sides together. If you want to add lace around the outside perimeter, then you will have to pin it now in between the layers (make sure the part of the lace you want showing when it is done is sandwiched between the two layers. Otherwise you will sew the lace to the inside…) Sew all the way around the perimeter. I used a small zig zag stitch. Leave a little opening, so you can turn it right side out!
When you are done sewing and before you turn it over, cut the fabric to look like in the photo below. (My friend Karen, of Cotton Spice fame, told me this trick, to make it turn nicer and it really works great! She wrote a “how to” series for for beginning sewers for Ruby magazine)
Turn it right side out, stuff with poly fill or cotton. (if it is supposed to become a pincushion stuff tightly so the pins will get stuck nicely) finish off the seam by hand with an invisible stitch and you are done.If you don’t have lace on the little heart you can embroider the recipients initials on the fabric before sewing the pieces together, or sew on pretty beads, or make a picture transfer on it. There are so many ways to personalize these little presents. Let your imagination roam free! Just think about the person you want to give these to and an idea will come, I promise! 😀
My Fabric had the lace already on it, but if you like that look, find a little scrap of lace and sew it on to your fabric before you sew the pieces together.

Happy Valentines day!

2 thoughts on “Valentines Heart Tutorial

  1. Wow, I just got caught up on your blog and you HAVE been busy! How's that new machine treating you? Glad you didn't cut off your finger; rotary blades are dangerous! I've a black and blue finger from catching it in a friend's keyless car door last month…..

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