Thrifting (attention: rant ahead!)

I have one brand new item in my closet, it is a winter coat. The rest is thrifted.
I was going to thrift the winter coat too, but the Thrift store was charging more for theirs (with rips and tears) then the brand new one cost me… My husbands winter coat is another example. We found it for $10 at the Salvation Army Thrift store! Nothing wrong with it! Score! We snapped it up! We saw the exact same coat at the Goodwill for $40!!!!! This $40 coat had a RIPPRD LINING! Yes, it can be fixed…. but why pay $40 then? I paid $20 for my brand new retail coat with nothing wrong with it. The same coat with either a stain or a tear would have been between $35 and $40 at Goodwill, without stains or tears they started at $45 and up. This may not be a lot of money for some people but for my family it is.
I have seen more and more things in the Thrift stores get more and more expensive and I have seen a few things where I knew the brand new retail price, since I wanted it and found it was more expensive in the Thrift store then retail.
Where does that leave us? Some people will not be able to afford thrifting anymore….How sad is that?
It used to be, that poor people had thrift store close, because they could not afford anything else. Now it is “chic” to thrift. Yes I know: it is also environmentally conscious, but I wager that most people shopping there don’t think of that aspect. It is “cool” now…
I started thrifting, because I had to. I admit freely, I didn’t do it to keep things out of the landfills. It was a necessety. It was either that, or run around naked (believe me, I gave it a long and hard thought, I like running around naked IN MY HOUSE)

I found out that “vintage stores” have shoppers that go scouring the Thrift stores… they have a different budget then we do… they can pay $10 and up for one item. Then the re-fashion movement started and now there are less and less cheap crappy things as well. (and on etsy or e-bay you pay an arm and a leg for a re-fashioned item)
I am not saying, that when my sewing gets better I will not do that. I need to make a living after all. I am saying that thrift stores used to fill a certain need in the community and they are forgetting that. I understand that store rent and electricity is going up, bills keep coming in even for Thrift stores.
But is it realistic to charge $10 for a skirt with a tear in it, just because it is sort of stylish? Even if it has a hole in it? Or a giant bleach stain?
Can you blame people on a budget not going to Goodwill to buy a $120 side board, when they can get 3 pieces of furniture for $60 at Wal Mart?

Ebay startet out that way. Get something used for a better price then retail. Then “professional” sellers came along and where are the prices now?
Etsy used to be for crafters to sell their handmade things. Have you looked at etsy prices lately? $400 and up pricetags are not unusual… I am not saying it is not worth it. Believe me I know the work that goes into things, but if you are an artist of that caliber, go to a Galery, leave these venues for the crafters….for people that cannnot afford a brick and mortar place to sell their crafts. If you make that kind of money with your art be thankful and gracious enough to support your LOCAL market. And to you, my fellow consumers, I say: LET US BUY LOCAL FIRST!!! Support your local indi artists and crafting Mamas!

Can we stop the madness? I don’t know how….I will still go into Thrift stores…after all I do care about the environment ….
And because blog posts without pictures are boring, you get my angry spider 😀

End of rant. Back to regular scheduled programming…


5 thoughts on “Thrifting (attention: rant ahead!)

  1. OHH!!! You hit on one of my rants! Our thrift stores ar great for clothing…noting over $3.95. Other things are outrageous. I found canning jars and was excited & thought $5.00 for a dozen at most, no….$1.00 a JAR!! I asked for the MGR & said $8-9. for a dozen new etc. He told me to go buy those new then as not everyone wants 12…they may only want 1! No logic. I am an etsy seller and do well..but some of the prices are crazy. The more they charge the more they sell!

  2. I totally agree! Just because someone might only want one is not a reason to overprice them! :DI love my etsy shop owners! I do buy on etsy, but not the pricey stuff 😀 The "normal" priced things. I don't mind paying for a handmade item more then I would for something off the rack, but well… I think you know what I am talking about… I love your etsy store and if I had a little one I would totally shop 'till I drop there! I love your little soakers!!!!

  3. The Goodwill stores in my area have 50% Off Saturdays every other week, when everything in the store is half-price. I've found it's not really worth it to shop there any other time, just like you say.

  4. Someone I was talking to about etsy thought the prices were outrageously REASONABLE! "Yeah, so-n-so won't make aaaaaany money on that website. $26.00 for glass brooch that will sell for $40.00 at a craft fair?! :Scoff: Not there."I looked at her like she was speaking Greek. I have absolutely no idea what she means by etsy and reasonable. I buy etsy because I believe in handmade. My grimaces about it are because it's breaking my ex-student no-job-no-health-insurance bank and painfully sticking to my ethics despite it. I have a favorite thrift store in town (not GOODwill for SURE!) because it's really the only place I can afford to buy and get great things. I only tell a few people.I have to keep it secret or it'll cease being my affordable pleasure.

  5. I hear both of ya! 😀 there is one Thrift store here in town that is still reasonable. Not in such a great shape, so you have to really scour it, but it has reasonable prices….

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