Operation Pillowcase

I found Operation Pillowcase today! What a neat idea to help out soldiers so far from home and loved ones!

A pillow case. Such a small little comfort. Most of us take it for granted to have a clean one at our disposal…. it’s a different story over there in the desert where water for washing laundry must be in short supply.

Wouldn’t it be great to make someones day by making their nights more comfortable?

My husband promised me more fabric.. I think I will make it dark cotton for pillow cases. 😀

First I need more thread though….I ran out again! So tomorrow I will go buy more and then get going on Pillow cases!

Wanna help too? Make one or five pillow cases and send them!
The first one of my readers to leave a comment that he/she sent out one (or more) pillow case(s) will get this pair of made-by-me Cro Tat earrings from me. 😀
Of course you can make and send pillow cases long after these little gems are gone…


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