working backwards?

After I got the new sewing machine, I started with a dress, then made a skirt and some bags…. now I am down to pillow cases… Did I saddle this thing the wrong way round or what? LOL

Either way, I finished my first two for Operation Pillowcase!

I thought when your job is to defend an entire nation, you deserve a cheery bright pillowcase, no?
So I made what I would have wanted myself.
Bright orange, green and my all-time favourite: POLKA DOTS! 😀How can you not wake up and smile, seeing this? I know I would!
Hope the soldiers will like them.Here is a “modeled” shot 😀

I have found so many other absolutely adorable and cool fabrics! I have to go back next week, when I have more time! (I think I have to make some for my family too…..)

(To clarify one thing though: I always was and still am against the war, but that does not mean I am against the Soldiers. I do believe they deserve all the support we can give! Please bring them home safe!)


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