the story of the lovely rug and the gross pillow

There once was a lovely rug, that I bought for the bathroom. I bought it last year at the thrift store, but it just somehow did not “quite” fit .. (it was a weeeeeee little bit too wide).
So the lovely rug wandered throughout the house and rested in different spots, but it never felt right.
Then there was the little doggie pillow, so very beloved by the critters and absolutely rotten looking…
Hmmmmmm…..thought the carpet. I would make a lovely cover for that pillow…So the two united and the lonely rug and the gross pillow became a beautiful doggie bed!

So out of thisbecame thisI love it, the dogs love it… we all will live happily ever after now! 😀
The end.


6 thoughts on “the story of the lovely rug and the gross pillow

  1. Thanks so much! I love my dogs (well only the Chinese Crested is mine (Sokrates is his name) the Chihuahua is my daughters, his name is Thor.I will use a few more old pillows ( I have plenty) to stuff the sides a bit better then it is really done.I also found out my sewing machine is a "Workhorse!" Is went through the rug like it was butter! Sooooo proud of it!

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