New leaves!

Remember the Blue Jeans lace leaf shawl? Yeah… it’s been a while…. but a lot of people are knitting it, I am told.
Katherine was one of them. She also sent me a picture now that it is done (It took her a while, but we all know how it is. Live has a way of intruding on knitting time! The nerve!!!!)
I think it is absolutely beautiful, Katherine! Love the yarn! She wrote it was fingering cotton yarn. She did not say what brand it was….

(Picture posted with permission)

She says to excuse the “Stuff” in the picture, but she is trying to get her AVON order out… I would not have noticed if she wouldn’t have pointed it out ;).
In case you need some AVON, check out Katherins site…. (I don’t use it, but thought it could not hurt to link…)

If you made this shawl (or any other pattern of mine), send me a picture I will post it here on my blog. Make sure you send me a link to your blog too or your shop if you have one. (I will however only put up links here I think are appropriate….)I am also opened up a flickr group for it, where you can upload your pictures to.n (deleted because nobody was interested….)

Thank you so much Katherine! It is beautiful! Wear it with happiness and peace in your heart!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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