Our anniversary

My husband and I both sort of spaced our anniversary. Since it was only in July (almost still yesterday so to speak)we decided to get “caught up” tonight.
I made some yummy food. Sorry no pics, since I forgot to make them before we ate it all. I can tell you what we had though: Steaks in a red wine sauce and home made “Herzoginkartoffeln”(=Duchess potatoes), green asparagus and 2 kinds of salad.
Then for desert I made “the Norwegian tortillas” as my husband calls Swedish Krumkakes…. he picked them for desert, since he reallly loved them last time.
I did manage to make pictures of them though! 😀Here is one recipe for the potatoes in case you wanted to know. I add shredded cheese. I also don’t use butter or milk in them… just the potatoes, eggs, salt, pepper and today some thyme to tie it in with the seasonings I used on the meat)


3 thoughts on “Our anniversary

  1. those krumkakes look SO delicious.You, by any chance, can't mail those too, can you? (^_~).I keed, but what I don't kid about is being aghast at anyone who couldn't be in LOVE after a steak meal that delicious and a wife so great. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! and many mooooooooooooooore :music notes and an off-key screech:

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