I was featured :D

Over at The Quilting Attic! Go looooooook!

Susann is such a sweety! She has the most wonderful things on her website. Make s me wish I quilted… but it shall come… I promised myself I will make ONE honest to goodness Quilt in my lifetime. (ok, so I said it, because I thought I was going to have to do it by hand and it would take forever and it would make my live seem sooooooo much longer LOL) I will stand by it though and do it… one day….in the not quite so near future…

Anyway, go see Susann. She is a super busy woman. She has two online Stores (atrfire store, etsy store)and is about to open another one (where my patterns will be available from here on out alongside hers). She also signed up for Wardrobe Refashion with me! YAYYY! She is alround talented and awesome!
Thank you so much for choosing one of my patterns to feature on your blog!

Here are some of my fave things she sells in her stores:
Totally cute journal! Every Girl should have a journal!!!
How adorable is that? A crazy cat!and one of my all time faves: YO YOS! and in such wonderful bright colours!!!

(Pictures posted with permission)


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