live is good

When you get a froggy balloon for no apparent reason!
I love frogs and my husband knows that, so when he saw this frog balloon, he had to get it for me. He knew how sad I was over my fiddler crabs demise. (I had 4 of them and all 4 died this week) “Shell shock, spider crab, other crab and shelby”…you will always be in my heart….
Since I had the aquarium already I figured might as well put something in it…
I now have a three colored goldfish and a white/orange one YAYYY! LOVE them! Need names! I was thinking: the white/orange one will be called “Sashimi”and the three colored one will be “Sushi” (since you add rice and seaweed to the fish) I also have an itty-bitty ghost shrimp: meet “Boo”and a “gigantic” one: I still named him “Titan”. (“Polybotes” was a close second, but he got squished by Poseidon with an island… not something I want to shoulder on my shrimp LOL)

(Image from, “Fountain of the giants”, Versailles.)

Happy to hear from you! :)

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